there’s a kingdom of voices

(I’m going to start publishing some “humbler” poems I have stored and continually write; although I’m quite demanding of, if not the quality of the poetics themselves, at least the attempted quality of the posts, as well as their parsimony, I realise that I’ve become quite obsessive with it, which ebbs against me rather than flow in my benefit. There’s no use in being associated with just density, just longevity, or even just the maximum of what I can provide, if that comes at the cost of the development of veritable writing versatility. Some will indubitably be worse than others, and I still prefer my denser, longer works, if not just because I truly lucubrate over those extensively, but I hold the belief that all of creative work — mine or yours — has a tangible intrinsic worth; perhaps not to all, but it does to me. One ought to practice what one preaches.)

Thank you tons, you guys,

(Also, a huge thank you to Sapna, and the power-double from StarTwo [visual artists and storytellers with such enviable skills, one would be tempted to steal their hands], for nominating me for awards; I don’t reply solely because I have a golden rule of only creating literary-themed posts and none other, otherwise this blog would be a flurry of piano album reviews and tributes to deciduous trees, but I truly, deeply appreciate you guys remembering me; if I did awards, I surely wouldn’t forget you either)

(And a monumental bow to Kaiter, for including me in his circulars whenever my work passes the readable threshold; to be included is — if one is attentive to his beautiful talents, rectitude and rigour — beyond any word that synonyms incredible, and I’m tremendously grateful. If anything, I’m already immensely grateful that I get to enjoy the other contents in his blog and circulars, whose eminent taste I’d recommend to anyone who’d enjoy a step above my own works.)

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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

43 thoughts on “there’s a kingdom of voices

    1. John, I didn’t have time to reply last comment; I was going to do it today, but you managed to be quicker! I’m abashed; there’s tons I ought to study for university and I can barely think in actual words!
      I maunder, but you’re an unbelievably kind spirit, and a very talented writer to my eyes. I’m overjoyed to you’ve found so much to enjoy in my little attempts, truly. I need any ounce of support that I can get, these days.

      A monumental thank-you, John. Veritably.

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      1. Joao-Maria, you are the humble and kind soul. I am grateful to have met, and to have heard from you. I, as well, am in the college/university system studying Creative Writing and English with my emphasis on Poet/Creative Non-fiction. I sincerely hope we may keep in touch and share to one another our literary support and analysis. Please, you have and embrace a very uniquely gifted spirit of the written word and your storytelling phenomenal. Stay at it. Thank you for your kindness and be well, much peace, and blessings of goodness for you. With pleasure, John G Evans

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      2. Oh, thank you John, you overflow in kindness! I’m studying Journalism, and I studied Law before; I’m only twenty-four, so I haven’t had time for more degrees, but I will get them. I never studied literature in an academic setting; I was always a dilettante in it, as I had an early fascination with English Literature (hence why I even know English to begin with).
        It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you, and I’m certain we’ll keep our exchange.

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      3. So very much I thank you Joao-Maria. Presently, before school begins through to the Summer session, I am studying the ill-effects of racism, immigration, and inequality. I am not like this you see. A short-sided and small bias may transform to a huge problem; such that our global community may view as a witness. We must join in a collaborative effort to bring equality to all peoples. Pray, I ask, God be with me to create within me a strong intellect, depth of soul, and a benevolent heart for my neighbor and brothers and sister of the world community. I enjoy writing to you. You are so young and yet so intelligent. Yes, please, allow us the privilege to continue our exchange, as I learn (at 65 years of age), younger people are certainly academically eager to learn and become studious in the efforts to create a more peaceful world. Thank you Joao-Maria for becoming my new friend.

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    1. Oh, Hrvoje, thank you so much.
      I’m vermiculated by what happened to you; the terrible wake of annihilation that rived your home, and with it, your centre. Was I not a starving student myself, I’d certainly give you something; at least, something. You’re a kind spirit of potent intellect, and I’m certain you will perdure, because your talents ought to never be lost.
      I can offer you company, may you need it, words, may you still see them beyond just vacuous sublimations, a friendship, may you see it of any value.
      The best to you, vigorous pal!

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      1. I thank you so much, for your concern and kind words. I do not see them as vacuous sublimations, they are most welcome and have an embalming effect on the heart ripped out and somehow stitched back in. I believe that I will perdure as well, your words are giving me fresh blood and energy to continue striving and do my best to evade corruption (be it in form of diminishment or otherwise). Your company is most welcome, as well as friendship. I’d be honored to be one. I am amazed by your vocabulary, as I understand, you are Portuguese? Not a native English speaker?

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      2. No, I’m wholesomely Portuguese. Grew up in a small village near Alenquer, and despite not living there presently, I don’t live too far from it.
        My vocabulary is cumbersome (leaden, even), which is something I’m abundantly conscious of and actively moil to remise. I began studying English in solitude, from old books I’d purchase with quarters, at an early age; thus, the echoes of that rather acuminated self-teaching still leach into my modern applications of the language. At least when it comes to creative production; my informal English is still odd, but not *that* odd.
        I’m overjoyed that you’ve accepted my offer. Feel at complete liberty to e-mail me through the contact page, we can share some pleasant correspondence from time-to-time. Gods know how one can feel so terribly isolated, these days.
        My initial intention was to contact you, but I found no veritable means. And, of course, feel at ease to renounce the offer; I’m always excessively eager to pounce at the chance of conversing with folks as yourself.

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      3. I find your endeavor admirable and I am sure it is integral for your present and future literary accomplishments. Myself, I tend for a lean toward a more stoic way of expression; my poetry (it is in Croatian and I don’t have an opportunity to share it with the world, for now it is reserved for the Serbian, and to a smaller extent Croatian audience) is spartan in scope; my tendency is to communicate a lot with the lesser amount of words possible. I guess Camus’ opus with short sentences, focused on life of an author, if only indirectly, masked in the universal is something comparable to mine. I will contact you, surely. My contact (e-mail) is not here because I am kind of an idiot when it comes to navigate around WordPress without plugins (I chose an option with none), struggled for a while to incorporate it in widgets and what not, but in the end signed a capitulation. I will contact you for sure, I am overjoyed as well. When I first read your poetry, I was overjoyed by that very fact solely. I am not a person which is open to the world to the extent I probably should be, but this kind of poetry in contemporary world is rare to find. I tried to incorporate an e-mail address in my “gravatar” or whatever on Earth that is, so if you manage to find it, feel free to contact me if I do not contact you before that. I look forward to the correspondence!

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      1. That’s enough honour to overwhelm me completely.
        Just as my voice was dissolving too.

        I wonder how many other quiet things you rescued today…
        either with the insight of your words or the exhilaration of your spirit.

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      2. You’ve given me a kindness that I’m unable to appositely remise. You’re a wonderful being, Woodsy, thank you so much.
        We’re nothing, nothing, without the verd luminance of eyes that, unprivy of their miracles, see us for the worth we have: the worth imprinted upon us.
        I want to be an artist, someday, and folks like you recharge that want. Thank you.

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  1. Truly the voice of this poem echoes through as one reads. No wonder this kingdom flourishes. I enjoyed the layers here. About humbler poems from you – congratulations for choosing to post them. Will definitely indulge 🙂

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    1. Humans have so profoundly rooted themselves in iniquity, our cognition already pre-assumes that we require it to thrive. That we require resistance, and hardship, and silence, in order to sprout the most sought qualities, like tenacity, strength, ponderation.
      No wonder the kingdom flourishes indeed, but only the kingdom does, not those within it.
      Thank you for reading, Abha. Truly.


  2. I love how visceral and direct your words are. I almost cannot believe English is not your first language (it is not mine either). I wish I could write like you! Thank you for stopping by my blog and appreciating my poetry!


    1. Woah, direct is certainly not something I’m often called. We non-natives have double to prove, I find; we have the advantage of a foreign cultural lexicon which, when effectively translated, perfuses our writings with whiffs of the other-world; the scent of novelty. You’re a marvelous writer yourself; you needn’t write as anyone else, Satyen.


  3. Vindictive is a wonderful choice of words and reading this at the onset of the fourth night of the George Floyd riots it really hits high. Well done!


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