a yellow perch

No matter how many times finish in failure, I never stop trying to write sensualistic poems. I’m not cut for sensualism, that much is clear, but oh, I truly wish I was.

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Published by João-Maria

A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

23 thoughts on “a yellow perch

    1. It’s about how removed we are from the beautiful things themselves. Advancement has a cost, and the immortal sentiment of want is like a leech that can’t be removed. We are terribly lonely creatures compared to those that roam our natural world; terrible antipaths.
      Or at least, that’s what I tried to say, haha. I have no clue, I’m still bad at this.

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      1. Oh please it’s great, I get it’s hard to be confident about forms of expression. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so we’ll done sir.

        PS, I end up thinking the same thing about us and other animals everytime I watch a nature documentary haha

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  1. “Inextinguishable from all else to the eyes” just one of your many lines, so very sensual in its nature, in its center, your center. You are so very hard on yourself when everything you write sings a sensual song. Beautiful as always João-Maria 🌷

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    1. Suzanne, how I miss you, you jade ewer of liquid light.
      I still read it back and feel that umbral cloud of the “overly-metaphysical”. There’s a lot to be said in the purely sensual, but I’d need an absolute trust in my abilities that I’m yet to even begin to have. That hesitance, well, it percolates into the poetics and dilutes the senses.
      I’m still to thankful to you; I truly light up every time I see your image, before even reading your words.

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  2. OH, Joao-Maria, I love this poem! It is difficult for me to render an analysis, but what I have surmised is “white request…mirroring our awe.” To me, I am simply thinking of an understanding. May I ask and learn from you, please, “white request”…is this in reference to white peoples of the earth? and “mirroring our awe”…a reflection for humanity to view perceptions from all peoples regarding the divine love within us? Should I be wrong, my sincere apologies. But, my analysis perhaps renders a new world vision should I be right. Actually, your world vision of that which I share. Your heart is tender, your soul is soft, your birthright is divine.

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    1. John!, there’s absolutely no issue in asking, I’m beyond glad with your interest; however, I can only tell you what I perceive of what I wrote, and nothing that approximates a “purported meaning”. I don’t know anything about meanings.

      “White request” tethers into a mechanical core of sensualism that is modulated almost nervously; white, in this instance, applies in a sensual way, as one would the colour white in symbolical understanding. A “white request” is an abject, formless, vast request; like white, it lacks emboss, and truly encompasses the breadth of requesting — of wanting. A white request is, thus and to me, an infinite wanting, characteristic of all people.
      The mirroring our awe is merely visual: the carp flits off and we’re left with our reflection in the surface of the water, our lonely semblance in awe of its luminant scales.
      I thank you dearly, you’re a beautiful being as well. I hope I clarified you in some way.

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      1. Thanks very much Joao-Maria. What a beautiful description of your words. I understand, now. I have been working too diligently with my purpose I mistakingly viewed in essence of my own work. I must say, your words carry such beautiful expressions. You have clarified to me in a most pleasant manner. Thank you. Please, continue sharing as I love how you so eloquently write. Peace be with you my friend.

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      2. It’s my pleasure, John. I’m all too privy to how cuneated we can become by our own modes of expression, and how they oft eclipse our sense of the tactical symbols. I call them my own “mythopoetics”.
        You’re a tremendously eloquent writer yourself, friend, and my appreciation for your interactions is monumental.

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  3. Absolutely beautiful and majestic. Each line is so beautiful and it’s like seeing through a new dimension or reality. What a beauty of a piece with so much passion and richness in its imagery. Very brilliant and evocative. I will need to read this again and again.

    Keep on writing. It is a gift.

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  4. Thanks Joāo-Maria for sharing your lovely poem. I enjoy your use of visual symbolism to express inner turbulence. Poetry is an incredible medium, isn’t it?

    Might I ask which English poets influence your work, if any?

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    1. It truly is, Paul. Thank you for the kind words.

      I’m not quite sure on who influences me most, or at all; I grew up reading Wallace Stevens, Milosz, Eliot, Shelley and Kipling. I’ve read many other poets since, but prose is what I absolutely read most and, in many ways, what influences me most, even in my poetry.

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    1. Oh, Diya, you’re so insuperably talented yourself!; to me, those words haul force beyond their poise.
      I certainly would be ill-adapted for fame, nor do I think that’s the precise vehicle of compensation. You are, in a sense. Having folks as talented, as bright, as luminous as you finding worth in my words, as innocuous as it might sound, is truly all I could hope for.
      Thank you so much.


  5. So you too are not “sensualistic.” Me too. But this deficit in the sensual dimension of life in my case has spoken volumes to me about the “sensualist” that yearns to be experienced. But I think that it is this latent sensuality that has driven me into words.

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