30, Dezembro (poetry)

Sinfonia Azul (Maria), 1920, António Carneiro

It has been an odd year for me and most, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have met many wonderful figures here and shared Art that I love with you along with Art that I love making. I’ve never been too fond of writing about writing, as it often feels infatilising and dulled by harmless cynicism, but I’m afraid this year has worked me into a creative halt; a stagnation of sorts. I do not like to write now as I would yesterday nor do I expect to write in this manner five days from now. I will only create, albeit perhaps wrong in my approach and albeit perhaps faulted by my attrition, while I feel movement, since movement is to words what colour is to a painting or a photograph. I’m unsure of what the future holds for my writing — be it that anything is being held — but I am wriggling myself out of my entanglement slowly and I do hope 2021 will fair as well if not better than 2020 did, and I do genuinely adore all of those still patient enough to read me. Even silent, I often read many of you, but for those that do know me, you know that I cannot comment without absolute substance and artfulness in my contributions, and that is something that I’ve been desperately lacking.

Thank you so much and a have gleeful new year,

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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

45 thoughts on “30, Dezembro (poetry)

  1. Joao-Maria, I always enjoy your posts. They challenge, stimulate, and educate. I’m going to start looking up all those impossible words you use on occasion, which I don’t recognize in my own native tongue despite being possessed of a Ph.D. In said language.
    I’m glad you’re going to do your own thing. I really hope that you’ll find the feeling to continue creating. Good having run into your digital presence.

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    1. Thank you so much, David, and I mirror your sentiment. I actually feel like this is one of my most linguistically accessible posts to date; both poems were stripped back and I made it a priority to dilute the language. It’s one of the things I’m trying. I also made minimal usage of adjectives in the prose poem.
      I’m glad to be doing my own thing too; or something, truly, coming from someone who never thought they would get to do much at all.
      All the best, Dave, and a happy new year to you!


  2. I have enjoyed reading your poetry, and your introduction to Portuguese poets. One can paint with words as well as a with a brush and palette. I look forward to seeing more of your art forms in the new year. Take care, be safe.

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  3. I love your verses and your paragraphs – and am so happy that I found you online❣️

    I cannot comment without absolute substance and artfulness in my contributions, and that is something that I’ve been desperately lacking.

    That is completely reasonable, João-Maria

    Happy New Year!


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    1. My gratitude, David. I’m happy too, or some residue of glee, I suppose. Our bodies don’t always know the languages of our dreams; that’s what Caliath is suppose to be. That bolt of oddness, a new place to be from.
      I’m glad we have met, and a marvellous new year to you.

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    1. Truly, K. It was a veritable honour to accompany your work be it through your own blog or the Kick-Abouts. We are becoming in each moment, but we can’t always decode the purposes of our revolutions. Perhaps that’s poetry, to me.
      Happy new year!

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  4. The world is going crazy, but i cant let it faze me, i hope you wont either, your work makes me a reader. Even when i dont understand the skill you have makes me a fan. Dont give up mate, inside we are all great. Have the best twenty twenty one, take it from me you are far from done. PEACE

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  5. João-Maria, thank you for the gleeful new year wishes, which I return with much joy and gratitude. The “insuperable rhetoric” of the opening line made me think instantly that João-Maria hadn’t lost any of his skills! Thanks for your company as we walked here and there throughout the just finished year. I’m not sure of where I’ll wander this coming year but suspect it may just be out to tend the garden – both literally and figuratively.

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    1. Meeting you was an incredibly warm experience. I wish it could have been richer, but I do have my loose parts and their myriad symptoms. Part of the insuperable rhetorics, I’d suppose.
      You are keen to threats of abeyance, but you always return. It’s in your blood, the writing of it. Though perhaps sometimes a silent hand produces better than one with a destination.
      I hope your garden blooms just as you have.

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    1. Feliz “2001”, Irina!
      Foi um ano do caraças, se me desculpares a linguagem, mas foi, era, no perfeito e no imperfeito, só para garantir que não volta.
      Um abraço de volta, e muita, muita Arte na tua vida. É sempre precisa e nunca chega.

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    1. I often feel as such, Cassa. I can spend one or two days without any creative endeavour and feel mostly fine, and I’ve wondered often where my energy flows if not into the act of making.
      A great new year to you, Cassa.


  6. Best wishes for a healthy, happy, and productive 2021, Joao-Maria! I don’t believe you can escape your muse for very long. Take care.

    This post was thought-provoking and beautifully written. as always. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Thank you also for reading my work this year! ❤

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    1. Thank you, dear Cheryl. I’m happy we have discovered each other in 2020. Your kindness and spirit recharge whatever of me can still receive encouragement. Thank you so much and a happy new year for your as well.

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  7. Your poetry is so dense and moving I find myself stuck and pondering at the first stanza and I feel guilty for calling anything I do by the same name. Although I assume your art is meant for the written word, I’d love to hear a recitation some time.

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    1. I wouldn’t say meant, but since my English is not native, and since I cannot produce the fish-hook r present in Portuguese due to a speech impediment, I never felt too compelled to recite my poems in either languages I produce in. Perhaps my first recitation would be in German, imagine that.
      Thank you dearly for your compliments, but allow me to disagree: what you do is poetry, indubitably so, and I hope you have the pleasure in reading me that I have in reading you.

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