(mysterium) – (poetry)

Southern night. Crimea
Ivan Aivazovsky, 1848
1 – Taken from Camilo Pessanha’s Clepsydra, this stanza translates roughly as such:
“Sails the vessel. Over clear water
One can see the seafloor, of fine sand…
— Impeccable peregrine figure,
The endless distance that separates us!”

Strung together strangely from a restricted form, (mysterium) is to be part of three independent but thematically linked compositions illumed by the mystical phrase “Mysterium, tremendum et fascinans“, though I believe no unique part is to be distinguished by its focus, rather, to be analysed conically, which was a welcomed formal challenge. Echoes of antediluvian lyricism add to a sentiment of distensibility: verses are presented as rhythmic pairs with a distance that forbids any true pairing, colouring a sense of ruthful or dramaturgic positions of meaning. But the clearings where the metric hits are whetted blades, as shocks of approximation or complete collisions.
Another attempt in form was made by an over-preference of the first person — which is my most used — and shall be followed by one mostly written in second and another in third, in the order given by the alighting phrase, as to suggest degrees of repulsion and fascination with the mere instrument of gramatical person and without having to reduce the poems by contaminating them directly with what are otherwise automatic associations. The first person was, obviously, the hardest, and had to necessarily integrate the blindness of which it stands as the regent of. Not so much a blindness of sense, but one of direction, since that too integrates its native meaning. Either way, returning to creativity after dormancy can feel terribly artificial, but it does seem necessary.

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Published by João-Maria

A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

11 thoughts on “(mysterium) – (poetry)

    1. Ah, vielen Dank, WB. My comments are in my shorthand writing, so, it’s harder for me to understand why you’d like them, since they are much lesser curated, but I’m really happy that you do.
      And reading is a tremendous honour, I shall always feel thankful for it. Bis später!


  1. Your poem has simply left me in awe, your diction and the way you make it all flow together! I have been reading and rereading this for some time now, the third and last stanza were especially evocative for me. They spoke clearly what I never knew I longed to say. Thank you for sharing your work, you are inspiring!

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    1. Thank you so much, Nolsen, that means a lot. I’m terribly endeared by comments such as yours that claim I’ve given shape to something real. It’s confirmation. I do not resist it. Being confirmed is a warm feeling we are often taught to repudiate.
      Thank you, again, for your warmth.

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