610 – before bach & other fragments (poetry)

Tree by the brook, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, c. 1831



Before Bach 
   there was time, 
   and smiles
   and white roses. 

Heaven was 
   a downed architecture,
   and god was an asthma
   whispering by
   in Phrygian tombs. 

The sky was
   shaped like a serpent
   and at night
   everything coiled
   in tiny iridescent drops. 

noise flitted
  to where the world wasn’t,
even before the world became
  the noise left behind. 


I place things 
 (to place things) (to give them place)
and I name the places 
 (to name places) (to give them name)
and I lose things
 (how could I have done this?) 
and I forget names
 (every end is glass
  migrating around the flesh
  of one’s arms and hands
  foraging the nightmares) 
(to regret)


Summer wood chortles
tense like a drunken dawn.
A city can be a glorious place.
The morning can be beautiful
and soak the skin with milky foam.

The hand finally comes, indomitable,
to cradle you while the gulls dance.
You are fed, you feed. It is so,
to spill and to emerge, it is so…

Published by João-Maria

A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

19 thoughts on “610 – before bach & other fragments (poetry)

  1. What a painting there, and fine collection of words, feelings and images as its accompaniment. To serpent-shaped skies and iridescent drops my friend! Greetings from Deutschland, and peace be with you. I believe you said August is hard if I remember right, hope it is less so for you this year. Bill

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      1. Ich bin im Besigheim, bei Ludwigsburg in dem Suden! Mein Deutsch ist sehr primitiv, I’ve gotten used to saying that JM. Strange is 👍 okay, glad it’s besser too.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Mein is auch ganz primitiv haha, ich benutze Deutsch nur für meine Arbeit, sonst nichts.
        Aber der Süden ist der schönste, keine Debatte (ausser der Dialekt).
        Enjoy Germany. It’s an amazing place if one yearns to be with oneself, especially near the mountains. It can be aggressively peaceful and cozy.

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      3. Ja, I am good with aggressively peaceful for sure. It is der schonste for sure! Damn wish I could get the umlauts (and less umleitungs).

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    1. Haha, you got me, Suzette. I’m not much of a believer but I wanted to make a “before god” poem. Before things, or before there was language wrapped around things.
      I thought, what is the closest thing to god, for me? And that’s Bach. So you are totally right on the perspective of creation.

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    1. Deutschland is wonderful indeed, though for a Portuguese such as myself it can have some foibles. The weather tends to be miserable and the food sometimes shouldn’t be legally considered edible.
      Everything else about Deutschland is amazing, and I always love to visit. I’ve never been to Belgium, though.


  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the second, third, and last two stanzas.
    What a treat it is to read this glorious work of words.
    Magical creative forms. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    1. Oh, Ellie, so nice to see you again! I’m not listening to cello these days, but a lot of piano. There’s this album by Devendra Banhart and Noah Georgeson named “Refuge”, and what an apt name it is. It sounds so soothing.
      I hope you’ve been leading a happy and healthy life, Ellie.


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