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Since creating my own webspace in 2018, I’ve read thousands of pieces of blogged poetry, prose and reviews, and though many creators have come and went, as is customary with these transient things, many still have perdured, continuing their beautiful creative motions and inspiring me, and many others, with them. I shall list and provide a lithe description of some of the websites with these qualities:

Accidental Antenna is the cyberhome of Stephanie Bobo’s oeuvre. Stephanie is a brilliant educator and creator whose work has been featured in places such as “Black Warrior Review“, “The Missouri Review“, and “The Altar Collective“, which was, concomitantly, where I first found her.

Colour Me in Cyanide and Cherry is inhabited by a luminant moonborn humanoid named Mirjana Inalman, writer of this book here, and the creator of a plethora of rich, textured poems that truly are beyond the league of most. She’s also incredibly kind, and will love to meet you and introduce you to the customs of her brilliant lunar people.

Occultosophia, the home of Mateusz Zalewski, is perhaps the most characterised and properly stylised content blogs on this platform. Mateusz writes on paganism, classicism and philosophy, as well as creating indubitably opulent poems to festoon his explorations, and it is a large shame that he does not enjoy greater audience, since he very much deserves it.

Do you feel safe in this mud-addled world of symbols and extenuating truisms? Me neither, that’s why I purchased a pink light sabre, which interestingly, is the address of Bill Pearse‘s webhome. Bill is an author, but he is also a person, and reading him, you will find it of difficult distinguishing. This could be something that extends to most authors, but it truly isn’t, instead being a talent reserved to few and that I do not share. Visit Bill, I hear he is gifting light sabres, but only of the pink variety.

Passing on the Flame is the archive of the endlessly talented translator Peter Lach-Newinsky, and not only can you read his punctilious and faithful translations of German authors into English, you can also get introduced to an illimitable amount of brilliant German poets. It’s truly beyond recommended.

Red’s Kingdom is where Phil Gomm deposits his visual projects and photographic marvels, and it’s also where he hosts the Kick-About, one of the best (if not the best) collective showcase of Art from various web-creators based on a prompt. I’ve been heavily infatuated with Phil’s work ever since I saw his photography, as he can attest, since I nag him all the time with odd comments, and he is slowly becoming of one my favoured photographers of any sphere.

Jane Dougherty is a proper author, as in, she has written many books. Not only has she written many books, she writes very, very well, and is a wonderful bucolic poet with compositions replete with experience, joy, distillation and natural beauty. She posts often and, after getting accustomed to reading her daily, you will develop withdrawal symptoms quickly after you stop.

I don’t always understand Peter Ellis, but I know he rounds his corners, therefore, I’m not afraid of bumping into any edges when I’m stumbling about his website, curiously called One Round Corner. He authors poems of various kinds, but you will soon find that his works go a bit beyond poetry or even an apposite description. Just go read him, is all.

Harvesting Hecate is the home of Andrea Stephenson, and I say home because I find her heart bare in all of her stories, and for that, I find it impossible that she doesn’t consider them home, or one of her many homes. She’s an incredible writer with many prizes to confirm that incredibility.

Weave a Web is not the blog of a spider, a seamstress or a fisherman, but the blog of a blond Kiwi boy that magically became a goat overnight, possibly as divine retribution for his various sins. I do not pity Cloven, the goat in question, since he is still able to write a variety of rich texts of many kinds, despite his lack of movable digits. Bruce, the figure behind the curtain, is a dear friend, and I urge you to meet him, since he is so very nice.

John or Woodsy is among a lithe pantheon of folks whose reading experience is, to me, exactly that, an experience, and there are few authors that can conjure and sustain such hyaline visions of emotion and substance as eloquently and as vehemently as John. He is a true master in what he does and deserves many eyes upon him.

Dom the Writer, is, to me, a bit more than just a writer, even through I only know him through the works in his blog. Dom has a subtle quality that is irreproducible in modern writing arts, a quality whose name I haven’t found yet but is shared with two other WordPress creators, M. Espinosa and Ryan Anderson, both with incredibly interesting creative blogs that I also heavily recommend. All of them post with much parsimony, and you will not get your feed flooded by daily or even weakly articles.

J. Randall Brett is one of the most curious and ingenious postmodern poets of this platform. His style pushes various stylistic boundaries and is entirely expansive, thus, requires a sharp reading mind to fully unlock.
(and from a similar school:)
Daniel Paul Marshall, an incomparable creator from the high-plains of Britannia, has indirectly taught me a good deal about Ontology and Modern Philosophy, and his poems are always profoundly enriching experiences in both the emotional and the cognitive realms. He is as much a perpetual challenge to understand as I am a perpetual thorn in his side with my daftness, but I’m immensely grateful to have found him nonetheless.

Huzaifazoom is an experience entirely his own. I’ve never met a poetic composer quite like him in any of my readings, and I don’t think I ever shall. My lexic evades my lips with any trial of description, but it’s an imperative that you discover him and have a pressed look at his marvelous works. Huzaifa also produces visual data representations concerning social equity and his daughter, Amina, is also a creator here on WordPress.

Terry, from Vertigo, a blog about W.G. Sebald, one of my most prized and favoured authors and one of few that I own and have read all published work. Terry produces amazing critical literature regarding Sebald and other authors that use photography in their prosaic books.

And lastly, but certain not least, all of the creators that make the WordPress experience a daily ritual of creative replenishing, people like Ms.Jade, Nick Reeves, Isabelle, Ellie, Bob, Eoghan, Cath, Barry, and Paul, among others that I likely forgot and shall add on later dates!

17 thoughts on “WordPress Recommendations

    1. Nothing to be thankful for. I genuinely think you are out-of-this-world talented. Or, at least, you are to me, and I’m always enriched by reading you. It would be selfish of me not to promote that experience for others!

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  1. Thank you for a most handsome commendation of my variete explorations, best wishes João-Maria. Take care! (as a must I will visit other blogs that your generosity proposed!)

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  2. Dear João-Maria,

    How lovely and kind of you to have a list of recommendations here for us!

    I have become your latest follower, and would like to inform you that Occultosophia’s blog is defunct.

    Being a poet, artist, musician, researcher, writer and free thinker myself, I can certainly appreciate the quality of your works.

    May you find the rest of 2021 very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, reading, thinking and composing whatever poems that take your intellectual fancy or show off your imaginative flight!

    Yours sincerely,

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    1. Thank you so much, SoundEagle. I must apologise for the gigantic delay in the response, as I’ve been terribly busy with certain German and Germany related affairs which don’t always allow me to sit down and check on my various online presences.
      I am terribly grateful for this comment, however, and I’ve since noticed that Occultoshophia is no longer publishing. I have contacted the author, but haven’t heard from him in a while, and shall update the listing.

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