our lady of the haze

(made in a for-fun manner; some lovecraftian mytho-poetics are great for the snap of spring; it’s not enriched with deeper meanings, or at least, not purposefully so. It’s just some unbridled imagery!)

Thank you,

Published by João-Maria

A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

7 thoughts on “our lady of the haze

    1. Oh, in a sense, it could absolutely be. I’m often left with either free association and unbridled imagery, and at the rarest of times, both, as it was with taste of salt.
      At times, neither. It’s a pity that these things are so uncontrollable.


  1. Oh my word, this is fantastic. The imagery is fascinating and your words… They are wow, as always. That’s all I can say. Wow. I am stunned.

    Reading the poem, it reminded me of a style like Leonard Cohen and T.S. Eliot, particularly in the first and third stanzas.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading this piece. Each poem blows me away every time. Keep writing on, João-Maria. You are a true wordsmith.

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    1. Oh, Lucy, thank you so much. I’m certainly no Eliot of any kind, but I do understand how that comparison could be drawn from the third stanza of this poem. “From a cinder shock to a singultient flame” is the exact type of thing Eliot would have written.
      Congratulations on your publication on THM. I couldn’t fathom having the courage to actually send things for publication.

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      1. You’re very welcome. I thought some lines were really reminiscent of Eliot’s work, and it was stunning.

        Aww, thank you so much. ❤ ❤ It's definitely an experience for sure.

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