catkins (english|portuguese poetry)



Again, not quite as potent as I would have it; writing compositions over days (or, at times, weeks) allows for a more refined method of writing, but some assaulting sensations end up becoming elements of works where they don’t necessarily belong, which makes the process muddy. Sieving said sensations, percolating them, becomes a bit of an exercise in taste more than anything else. If only this had a science (it wouldn’t be half as interesting if it did).
I also realise that merely saying these are translations doesn’t do much without access to the original texts, so, I’ve provided it here. If you do happen to know Portuguese (olá), and would like to offer translation feedback, I would be immensely grateful of such, since my translation skills are rather primal.

Thank you much for reading,

Published by João-Maria

A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

16 thoughts on “catkins (english|portuguese poetry)

    1. Thank you so much, Andrada. I often get that sensation, I pour my heart out and still, everything resists to be laved by my bloodfloods.
      It is odd to put to poem, though. I’m glad you resonated with it.

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    1. I often find that to be the best way to feel them, behind and beyond us. I’ve read authors that I love but barely understand, and authors that I understand clearly but can’t bring myself to love them. The trick, I find, is verisimilitude; most who we love are complex, volatile beings, and we can’t always understand them. If art can replicate that, it can mirror our intimate but bright confusion of the exercise of loving others, and that is priceless.
      Thank you so much for reading!

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    1. Thank you, Nathan!
      To be intimately open and hyaline can be wistful if you have little to show, if you exist only on the aesthetics of existing.
      I guess age can bring a different outlook, but that is my feeling for the moment.
      Thank you much for reading!


    1. I was a bit unsure of that phrase once I translated it, it did sound much better in Portuguese, so, I’m immensely exulted that you found it to be gorgeous. Makes me a little bit less stressed.

      Thank you, Francesca. It means the world that you found time to read me.


    1. Ah, Jude (my favourite Saint), thank you dearly. I do believe the poetry taught in schools is rather antiquated and, at times, overly diluted or analysed. I don’t think we do much of a decent job in encouraging the exploration of poetry by just showcasing ancient epics and modernists. My poetry, however, would be in no way suited to teach anything to anyone, and any seasoned poet could tell you as much.
      Your sentiment, however, fills me with gratitude. Thank you dearly.

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    1. This poem is a bit all over the place; there are references in it even I must look up. Whenever I switch styles, the pain of growth proves hyaline, and I tend to do it too often. Thank you so much for reading, Evelyn, it means a lot!

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